The mighty hot air brush – a hairstyling revolution!

redhair31The hot air brush is one of my favorite hair styling tools! Heated air blows out from the center of the round brush barrel, drying and styling your hair at the same time.

The effects are the same as using a round brush and blow dryer, though not nearly as challenging.The beauty of this contraption is that it leaves you a free hand, unlike holding both a hair dryer and a round brush.

This means you can easily section the hair and hold the ends of each section to create tension as you work. Look for a model with a curl release button, which allows the barrel to spin backwards, releasing the hair if it starts to get caught up in the brush.

Below are the top two recommendations we have for hot air brushes that will make your bouncy, glossy hairstyles a breeze to achieve! Both have removable barrels so they can be detached and soaked in warm/soapy water to clean.


An impressive 900-watt blow dryer and 2 inch barrel styling brush in one tool. the Revlon Perfect Heat hot air spin brush features a ceramic and tourmaline barrel which heats up and rotates as you work. A cool-shot button allows you to lock in the shape and volume this tool creates and seals down the outer layer of hair for maximum shine!

The flexible bristles gently grip your hair and provide enough tension to reduce frizz and reform the hair into sleek waves or curls.


Shorter hair requires a smaller diameter of barrel in order to give the hair adequate lift and bend. Especially if you’re looking to achieve a wave or curl pattern in the hair.

This one does a great job on longer hair too, where more volume and curl are desired.

John Frieda Salon Shape 1 inch hot air brush features 500 watts of power, 2 heat settings, and a cool-shot. It has a ceramic/tourmaline barrel for even heat and fast drying. The two different types and lengths of bristles give this brush the ability to get into the section of hair with some tension and grip. All the elements for styling success.


  • Begin styling with the hot air brush once hair is about half way dry. If hair is too wet, it’ll take a long time to style with these brushes. Either allow to air dry beforehand, or use a hair dryer to remove some of the moisture.
  • Run the barrel through your hair, lifting at the roots for volume. For curlier ends, wind the hair down onto the barrel and use the cool shot button in the last seconds of drying time to set the shape and seal down the outside layer of the hair for shine.
  • Avoid picking up hair from surrounding sections while you’re working with one piece. This will help avoid tangling.


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