Hair pomade for shape and control

Pompadour hairstyleHair pomade is a great product for shaping and controlling hair and adding shine. Perfect for the retro greaser looks and quiffs, pompadours and pin-up hairstyles that are so popular now.

Listed below are the pomade stylers that we recommend, categorized by their strength. Light hold is best for adding shine and protecting fine to medium textured hair from the elements. Medium hold is good for controlling medium to thick textured hair and adding some definition. Heavy hold pomades are good for calming strong unruly hair and building structure into the hair (i.e., pomps)

Light Hold | Medium Hold | Heavy Hold

How to use pomade

Use these products very sparingly. Start with a pea-sized amount. Make sure the product is emulsified (spread around your fingers evenly) for best results. Apply on slightly damp hair for less hold. On dry hair for the most solid hold.

To apply, rake your fingers through your hair, making sure to get some product on the under layers. Finish by skimming gently over the surface of the hair, coaxing stray hairs into the natural waves where they’re supposed to be. Or use a comb to sculpt hair into the shape you want. For more texture, use your fingers to create lift and separation.


Aveda Brilliant Humectant Pomade
For dry environments. This pomade will draw moisture to the hair and smooth out the style-cramping culprits, frizz and static. It helps soften and hydrate parched hair. And it’s great for use before styling hair into braids and updos.


Bumble and bumble Semisumo Pomade
Nice, light oil/wax pomade with minimal hold. This is a great product for adding some control and manageability to fine to medium textured hair. Will help mold curls and add shine, minimizing frizz. On straighter hair, this provides definition without weighing hair down or being too visible in the hair.


Suavecito Pomade Original Hold
Performs like a wax but is water soluble, which makes it much easier to remove from the hair. This pomade provides a moderate amount of hold without the glossy shine. So if you prefer a more matte finish, this would be a good choice. Ladies, (or fellas who like the original but not its strong scent) check out Suavecita Pomade for Women.


Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade
Great for controlling medium to thick hair, without the stiffness of a super strong hold product. Some pomades have a head-achingly strong ‘cologne’ scent. Not this one, it has a very pleasant smell. Leaves hair looking naturally shiny, especially when applied to wet hair.

Reuzel Pink Grease Heavy Hold Pomade
For taming strong, unruly hair or sculpting highly structured styles (i.e., a high pomp). This pomade has a truly heavy hold and high shine but is also loved for its pleasing fragrance. This product is oil and wax based, making it more difficult to remove from the hair (and from your hands).

Layrite Super hold Pomade
Moderate shine and versatile holding power with this one. Much lighter when applied on towel dried hair as opposed to dry, where the hold is very strong. And it gets points for being water soluble and heat/humidity resistant. So it’ll hold your style in all weather conditions.

For best results

It’s a good idea to use a clarifying shampoo like Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo occasionally if you’re a fan of hair wax, putties and pastes. Extended use can cause a buildup, making the hair limp and dull looking. Buildup will also decrease the effectiveness of products despite your best styling efforts.


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