Which hair brush should you be using?

Using the right type of hair brush can make or break your style. Each design serves a specific styling purpose. On this page, I’ll break down the different types of brushes to help you figure out which is best for your needs.
woman using hair brush
I’ve included the best hair brushes here, from both the low and high end price points.

A myriad of materials are used for the bristles, the core, the handle. A well-constructed hair brush is a luxury item and can last for decades.

The added cost could be considered an investment in your hair’s health and longevity. They also make a unique and thoughtful gift for a hair fanatic.

Paddle Brushes

Vented Cushion Paddle

For styling medium to very long hair. Good for general detangling, and daily hair brushing. This brush is also a good choice to loosen product and rid your hair of stray strands before getting in the shower.

Also, because of the paddle size, this brush can handle lots of hair at once, making it perfect for a quick blowdry on medium to long hair.

The venting speeds drying time and the bristles are soft but durable. An ergonomic handle makes for a more comfortable grip and will minimize hand fatigue during long styling processes.


Vented Styling Brushes

Cricket Static Free Fast Flo

Vented styling brushes work very well with shorter and fine hair and are great for styling men’s hair because they speed up blow drying and add volume.

The widely spaced bristles allow you to move and lift the hair, coaxing nice direction out of it without giving an overly styled look like a round brush would.

This hair brush helps to tame and enhance the hair’s natural texture. The ‘tunnel’ design increases air circulation through the hair to the root, adding volume and movement to the hair during blow-drying.

Scoop the brush right in and lift as you dry, directing the airflow up and back for an easy natural looking style.

This brush has an ‘anti-static’ feature that diminishes fly-aways and virtually eliminates problems with uncooperative hair due to the effects of static electricity.

Cushion Brushes

Spornette DeVille Cushion

Similar to a paddle brush, but smaller and usually oval shaped. These brushes are good for short, medium length, and long hair. Gentle on the hair and scalp, a cushion brush is great for daily brushing to distribute natural oils and maximize the health of your hair.

Cushion brushes with boar bristles work well when smoothing and loosening hair with a blowdryer before straightening or setting hair in rollers. The boar bristle one we recommend is ideal for relaxed hair because its bristles are soft yet they penetrate right through to the scalp providing maximum control of the hair.

Round Brushes

Bristles all around allow for great tension on the hair when blow drying. For best results, use an appropriate diameter of brush/barrel for your length of hair: large for long, small for short. And within those guidelines, a larger barrel provides more straightening while a small barrel results in more curl and volume.

That’s why they come in so many sizes, you can tailor your round brush to your specific needs.
Boar Bristle Round Brushes

SUPRENT Thermal Ceramic Boar Bristle
Boar bristles are very effective for smoothing frizzy hair and amplifying shine. But beef up your arm muscles because you’ll need some brawn to get a boar bristle brush through your hair. Work in small sections for best results. If you have the patience, you’ll be richly rewarded.

If you’re short on time, dry most of your hair with a hot air brush and use the boar bristle brush on only the top sections and around the face. The density of the bristles also makes boar brushes terrific for fine hair which can be difficult to get a grip on with other types of brushes.

Boar bristles and a thermal core – the best of two worlds!

This is a rare find and the combination results in a very effective tool for smoothing frizzy hair, adding shine and creating a bend in straight hair. It’s going to provide the tension and shine that the boar bristles are known for and because the core heats up with the heat of your hair dryer, this brush is very responsive to styling techniques, which means great results.

The ceramic barrel on these brushes heats up to speed drying time and help build volume in the hair in much the same way as rollers do.

Why ceramic?
It holds heat evenly, preventing damage from overheating, which results from using plain metal hair appliances.

Specialty Styling Brush

Wood Teaser

For updo styling or creating lasting volume in any hair style, a little back brushing is a great trick.

This brush is a very effective tool to build cushioning which will support fine hair throughout the day (or night). This technique can also improve the look of slightly greasy hair, giving it back a bit of the ‘life’ that clean hair has and disguising the shiny appearance of not-so-clean hair.



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