Frizzy Hair Product Recommendations

Have You Got the Right Stuff?

Tired of frizzy hair product that doesn’t live up to it’s claims?

Curly hair prone to frizzUgh, the frustration of investing hard-earned dollars into yet another product that ends up in the back of a cupboard, unused. And STILL having to deal with the annoyance of fuzzy hair.

But there are products that work. Really! Products that are worth every penny. This page lists some of the most effective product choices and the best tools for dealing with this troublesome hair texture.


Davines Love Lovely Smoothing Shampoo And Conditioner
Frizz free hair begins with the shampoo/conditioning process. Cleansers should be high on moisture and low on lather. Conditioners should be silky. These ones are formulated for dry, rough, frizzy textured hair.

Towel dry hair before applying the conditioner so that it absorbs as much as possible for maximum benefits.


MOP Leave- In Conditioner
Some leave-ins are better than others for frizzy hair. This one is a proven winner for smoothing rough texture and making hair shine. A light-weight leave in that detangles and helps combat frizz. This is a great product for dry, over-stressed hair. It softens the hair and contains a bunch of natural anti-oxidant ingredients to protect tresses from the harsh realities of life (i.e., sun, wind, pollution). For a bit more curl definition, use this first and then a styling product (see below).

All leave-in conditioner recommendations



Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade
If you live in an overly humid climate, an anti-humectant pomade may be just the thing to help smooth your frizzies. It repels moisture from the hair and helps to calm “lively” hair. Beware though… this product can be weighty (and feel greasy) on fine to medium textured hair. It’s best for thick, coarse hair. You don’t need much, and it should be well emulsified (rubbed in) in your hands before applying. Smooth the product over the surface of your hair, focusing on the most frizz prone areas.


Aveda Brilliant Humectant Pomade
Dry air can have just as much of an impact on frizzy hair as the humidity. Air with little moisture leaves hair dried out and desperately thirsty! For those living in arid environments, this pomade will draw moisture to the hair and smooth out the style-cramping culprits, frizz and static. It helps soften and hydrate parched hair, adding shine and control.

Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Serum
Pomades are too heavy for some hair textures. For fine to thick textured hair an oil product is a lightweight alternative. This one from Kerastase is great for smoothing either when air drying hair or for thermal styling and straightening.

It is lightweight, and works a miracle to repel moisture, reduce frizz, liven up dry ends and boost shine. Your hair will look and feel silky and healthy. Some hair polishing treatments aren’t great performers in humid environments, but this one is unhampered by humidity.

Use a very small amount on damp hair before styling or air drying. Or use after drying before styling with a flat iron or curling iron. This serum also works great as a finishing product to smooth flyaways and give your hair that extra layer of protection from the elements.


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