Flat Iron All Are Not Created Equal

brunette9The flat iron has become a pivotal tool in nearly every hair enthusiasts styling arsenal.

And rightfully so considering women in decades past had to resort to laying their hair out on the ironing board and having a go at it with the clothes iron!

Yes, the flat iron was a very necessary invention.

Now, having been on the market for many years, these handy helpers are more effective than ever. And they’re so much more versatile than just a straightening tool.

Use a flat iron to create gorgeous loose waves in hair or set curls (or other shapes) by tapping the plates over hair to set it into the desired shape.

This page features our top picks for flat irons available today, ranging from high end to economical. Our recommendations are based on the following criteria…

  • Ease of use
  • Good, even tension
  • Adequate heat and temperature control
  • Minimal heat styling damage
  • Quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Longevity of the product


Professional hair straighteners are designed for rigorous, long-term use. Expect performance when you invest in high end tools like the Sedu Revolution. Worth the bucks if you can swing it. Even just for the time it saves you not having to replace a low quality flat iron, or suffer the bad hair days in between.

Made with Tourmaline technology which produces a huge amount of negative ions, straightening your hair record fast, but without the damage of traditional heat styling. The ceramic plates glide through the hair, straightening quickly and effectively while boosting shine in a BIG way!

That’s what you’re paying for with this iron. It’s all about the transformative power the Sedu flat iron has on troublesome hair.


This Solia ceramic tourmaline flat iron is still high end, but slightly lower in price and performs well.

It’ll heat up quickly and effectively straighten your hair without the damage some flat irons produce due to the ceramic plates and tourmaline technology. The 1 1/4 inch width of the plates makes this a great iron for longer hair.


An inexpensive flat iron can be good for short term use. They generally don’t get as hot as the higher end, professional straighteners, and they have a shorter life span. But if you’re looking for an economy flat iron, the Infiniti Pro by Conair ought to do the trick.

Four heat settings (reaching a max of 455°) make this tool suitable for the needs of different hair types. Along with the all important ceramic and tourmaline technology for the gentlest straightening and a beautiful shiny finish.


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