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Above all, your curly hair product should add moisture. So whether it’s the cleansing and conditioning products or styling aids, their ability to provide moisture is most important.

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Traditional lathering shampoos can have a stripping effect on curly hair, leaving strands depleted of natural oils. The popular ‘no-poo’ movement is all about cleansing hair with moisturizing agents, thereby retaining natural oils to some degree, which leaves hair glossy and soft.

Styling products containing alcohol (some gels, mousse, hairspray) are moisture leeches and leave hair dry and prone to frizz. This page highlights the BEST products for curly hair. Get the right stuff to encourage or subdue naturally curly hairstyles into beautiful coils or waves.


DevaCurl DUO – One Condition + No-Poo
My most beloved curly hair product! The ‘No-Poo’ is a non-lathering cleanser which looks like conditioner but works much differently. It gently cleanses the hair with a mixture of oils and extracts. There are no parabens, silicones or harsh cleansing chemicals. Curls maintain their bounce and shine and the outer layer of the hair hasn’t been antagonized by the lathering, so frizz is minimal. Concentrate on the roots of the hair and scalp when applying this product and give it a good rub in, then rinse thoroughly.

Apply the conditioner to ends first and work up the hair shaft. Leave on for a spell to give hair an extra moisture boost.

On the fence?

That’s understandable. This is an unorthodox approach given we’ve been lathering our hair to cleanse it for generations. So some skepticism is expected. I made my journey into no-poo land with a baby step by purchasing the Deva Curl Travel Kit. When I saw (and felt) the difference in my hair I was back to the store for the largest bottles!


TIGI S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer/Defrizzer/Tamer

For wavy to curly hair ranging from fine to thick and coarse in texture. This is a lightweight product that locks in hair’s moisture and locks OUT humidity to keep frizz from forming. It softens the hair and helps curls find their natural shape, whether light waves or tight ringlets.

Unlike some curly hair products, this one will not make your hair greasy. Its creamy consistency provides some control without making curls stiff or crunchy either. The ideal product for those with reluctant, in-between curl that dries inconsistently.

Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Treatment

An all-time favorite curly hair product. This delightfully slippery conditioning elixir has just the right amount of hold for gorgeous soft curls. Scrunched into towel dried hair, strands are coated with moisture and just a bit of gel-like stickiness…just enough. The holding power enhances curl formation and can easily be reactivated on the following day(s) with a bit of a spritz with water and gentle scrunching.


Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Serum

This relaxing hair pomade is great for smoothing either when air drying hair or for thermal styling and straightening. It’s lightweight, and works a miracle to repel moisture, reduce frizz, liven up dry ends and boost shine. Your hair will look and feel silky and healthy. Some hair polishing treatments aren’t great performers in humid environments, but this one is unhampered by humidity.

Use a very small amount on damp hair before styling or air drying. Or use after drying before styling with a flat iron or curling iron. This serum also works great as a finishing product to tame flyaways and provide an extra layer of protection from the elements.


Biolage Exquisite Oil Softening Treatment

If you’re dealing with dry, coarsely textured hair, this specialty oil by Biolage is a great remedy. The use of Monoi oil in this product has a wonderful softening effect on rough, coarse hair. Leaves it feeling moisturized and looking healthy and shiny.

It’s an extremely versatile product which can be used at different stages in the styling process. For the fullest treatment, add a few pumps to your hair conditioner before applying and then also use as a prep product before drying. I like to add a few drops of another curly hair product, like gel, when I want more hold. For a finishing touch or some extra taming, apply a tiny drop (well emulsified in your hands) over dry hair. Lightly twist sections to define curls.


Using a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer will help minimize frizz and enhance curls. This NZ3 Professional Universal Diffuser is unique in that it allows you to adjust the area where air flows through. And it has airflow holes at the ends of the fingers, so you can close off the flow at the base. This will concentrate the air though the fingers, effectively drying the roots of your hair, for volume, while not roughing up the outer surface of the hair. A genius design!

These curling wands can be used to ramp up the ‘springy’ when you’re in need of such curl power. Grab sections that are already naturally ‘clumped’ together but maybe a little reluctant to coil. Wrap them around the barrel of the curling wand, starting with the thick end nearest the scalp and wrapping down the barrel. That will create a nice natural looking, bouncy curl. Letting the hair twist as you wrap it down the barrel will make a looser curl, more of a wave.


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