Are you a lover of dry shampoo? Me too

Unfortunately though, sometimes the beauty industry really lets us down. All outward indications are that these companies want to help us enhance our appearance and preserve our beauty by using their products.

They’ve got our best interests at heart, right? They care about us.

And the mass offerings of dry shampoo are proof that they love us. Enabling us to skip the wash/dry routine now and then and oh… what wonders it does to liven up fine hair! Sadly though, upon closer inspection there are some sinister practices that leave one feeling rather unloved indeed!

Case in point: many dry shampoos contain aluminum as the main particulate. 🙁 Yes, aluminum… tiny airborne flecks of aluminum meant to be sprayed liberally right around our breathing orifices. Have a look at this page for details on the health risks of inhaling aluminum.

I’ll take my dry shampoo without the aluminum please!

amika-perk-up-dry-shampooIt’s not all bad news. A few manufacturers are mindful of the ingredients they’re exposing us to. My favorite is Amika’s Perk Up, made with particulates of rice starch. It beats all the others I’ve tried (aluminum containing or not) in performance.

This one actually leaves your hair looking as though it’s freshly washed. Some dry shampoos leave a dull, powdery residue on the hair. Not pretty!

But Amika’s Perk Up somehow manages to absorb any excess oil while leaving a healthy, clean looking shine to the hair. It’s quite remarkable… hence my remarking on it.

One more thing

If you are a frequent user of dry shampoo, make sure you use a clarifying shampoo once in a while to remove buildup. And scrub your scalp well when washing to prevent the particles from blocking any hair follicles.