What's your hair saying about YOU?

Others form an impression of us based on what they see, before we have a chance to speak a word to express ourselves. That’s what Hairfluence is about. It’s an exploration of what’s in, what’s out, what’s come and gone (but will come around again!), and how you can harness the power of your hairstyle to influence the world’s response to you.

Wet-set Waves On Clip-in Extensions

https://youtu.be/lfMDTWeRcG4 In this quick video tutorial, you'll learn to create these gorgeous, bouncy waves on clip-in extensions. This is a no-heat process that will prolong the...

Tangles Hair Salon

Enjoy these vibrant colors and their added bits of bling by the talent at Tangles Hair Salon.

Nazir Maherali

braided hairstyle

David Joshua Ford