A different look for Cher

cher-67yearsOnce again, this 67 year old megastar has reinvented her look. Cher is certainly no stranger to change. But the images that come most readily to mind when thinking of her are sleek straight locks (in black and blonde) or her long mane of spiral curls from yesteryear.

But this voluptuous side-parted Farrah Fawcett meets Dolly Parton-esque style is something completely fresh. I like it. It’s got enough volume to balance out Cher’s prominent features and the styling is modern, which keeps this long, layered style from looking dated, despite the similarities to the iconic styles of the celebs I mentioned earlier. The length is right on trend with the influx of collar-bone level styles we’re seeing now. All in all, a win IMHO.

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