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The hair spray you choose depends on the hair styling process. Some processes require more hold than others (i.e., formal updo vs. casual curly style).

HairsprayIf you do a lot of intricate styling, it’s a good idea to have both a working spray and a finishing spray. And then there’s the choice between aerosol and pump sprays. Which you choose is strictly personal preference.

Generally, the aerosol products dry faster. Some people are partial to the pump action sprays simply because they’re less impactful on the environment.

This page breaks down the best of the best in each of the following categories.

Light Hold Hair Sprays  |  Medium Hold  |  Firm Hold

ALTERNA CAVIAR Anti-Aging Shine & Define Spray

This conditioning spray will boost shine and help to define and control waves and curls without any sticky residue. It helps tame frizz and hydrate the hair, for more youthful looking locks. This is possible due to use of ingredients which help combat aging factors (i.e. chemical processing, environmental impurities, and physiological changes) on a cellular level. That’s right. Anti-aging for hair.
A great styling tool to control hair while restoring (and/or maintaining) strength, vibrancy and elasticity.

Aveda Witch Hazel Light Hold Hair Spray

This light hairspray is ideal for fine hair which is easily weighed down by heavier products. It provides a bit of control, eliminates static and smooths flyaway hairs.
This is a great product if you prefer a natural finish to your hair as it has a very light hold. And it works well for people who are sensitive to smells because there is no odor after it dries.

A medium hold (working) hair spray allows for combing and moving the hair around during styling. The aerosol working sprays can be used as thermal stylers as well, offering protection from the heat of a flat iron or curling iron. If you use a medium hold hair spray as a finisher though, you’ll be disappointed unless you like a very light hold.

An aerosol working hairspray is great for supporting backcombing. Spray underneath each section after you’ve backcombed it for extra hold. Also works well for sculpting hair when creating updos, but don’t overuse it or the hair may become sticky and difficult to work with. A liquid (pump action) styling hair spray can be used on wet hair, usually to define and control unruly or coarse hair.


Bumble & bumble Holding Spray

Non-aerosol working hairspray that won’t flake, add crunch or leave a residue. Hallelujah! This spray works really well for holding curls and for heat styling with a curling iron or flat iron.
A great choice for achieving the more natural, moveable styles of today. Use this product sparingly, especially if you have fine hair… a little goes a long way.


Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Working Hair Spray

Countless hairspray product manufacturers have used the term ‘flexible hold’ in their advertising. Needless to say, it’s not always an accurate description. But this hairspray truly does provide a flexible, movable, strong but gentle hold. It is effective without affecting the feel and natural movement of your hair.
Not at all sticky or gooey, which is critical in a working spray. This is fantastic for controlling the hair when doing an updo or intricate styling. But it’s just as good for an everyday product to keep the volume and shape in your style and keep away flyaways and frizz.
Especially good for fine hair because of the weightless hold it provides.

Finishing spray has a very strong hold factor and is intended to be used after all styling is done. They have a high alcohol content and are usually heavily scented to disguise the alcohol smell. Cover the hair with a thin veil of finishing hair spray, quickly (and delicately) smoothing any strays into place before it dries. Great for creating lasting updo’s.


Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Finishing Spray

Flexible finishing spray that’ll hold your style well, without over doing it. This product is ideal for those who live in humid or windy climates and need a hairspray that can withstand the weather.

ORIBE Superfine Strong Hair Spray

Lock your style in place and add shine without any extra weight or stickiness. Perfect for fine hair, this spray goes on super lightly and provides a strong hold that lasts. Apply in multiple layers for a firmer hold.


Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray

Very strong hold finishing spray, great for all hair textures. This spray will maintain your style all day and night and is not as heavy as some pump action firm hold sprays.
No flaking or buildup with this product and it really does deliver on shine! The more you use, the more hold you’ll achieve, so it’s a versatile hairspray.

Bumble and bumble Extra Strength Holding Spray

A fast drying, firm hold liquid finishing spray. This one is great for keeping thick hair under control.
Holds without the “glue-like” effect that some firm hold hairsprays leave. And won’t build up or flake.

For best results

It’s a good idea to use a clarifying shampoo like Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo occasionally if you use a lot of hairspray. Extended use can cause a buildup, making the hair limp and dull looking. Buildup will also decrease the effectiveness of products despite your best styling efforts.


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