Argan Oil Moroccan Beauty Secret Revealed

Argan oilArgan oil has recently come into the limelight as word of it’s benefits for hair, skin and nails gets global attention. This nutrient rich oil (which is also great for culinary uses) is pressed from the nut of the Argan tree, grown in Morocco.

The popularity of this oil, coupled with the very limited growing area, means the end product is not cheap. But its effectiveness makes it worth every penny!


There are a slew of new hair products emerging that contain Argan oil, so which one should you try? The Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal is my favorite.

This product blew me away. And frankly, that doesn’t happen often with hair products. But this one is exactly what I need for my fine, wavy, frizz-prone, chemically treated hair. The unique and potent blend of beneficial ingredients increases shine, defines curls and has a calming effect on flyaway, frizzy hair.

It is an oil based product, but not like any I’ve used before. This one absorbs into the hair, leaving ZERO trace of oiliness. It has an incredible softening, conditioning effect and the soy protein works to repair damaged, fragile hair. The result: strong, silky, shiny locks. I like that. 🙂 Like it a lot



The people of Morocco (where the Argan tree grows) have an, um.. industrious way of extracting the oils from the nut. These nuts are extraordinarily difficult to crack open, resistant to even a good swift smack with a hammer.
Conveniently, the fruit of the Argan tree is a beloved snack for the many goats roaming the Moroccan plains. As you can see in the photo, they climb right on up the tree to get at the tasty treats.

The nuts aren’t digested by the goats. They are, however, softened by their trip through the animal’s intestinal tract, making it far simpler to grind them and get at that precious Argan oil inside. Berber women of Morocco collect the nuts from among the goat droppings and set to work hand pressing, roasting and grinding the nuts.


Cosmetic grade versions of Argan oil are extracted by mechanical presses in a sterile, industrial environment, without the ‘help’ of any goats. The nut is not roasted prior to being ground and pressed, which arguably, may maintain more of its beneficial properties.



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