What's your hair saying about YOU?

Others form an impression of us based on what they see, before we have a chance to speak a word to express ourselves. That’s what Hairfluence is about. It’s an exploration of what’s in, what’s out, what’s come and gone (but will come around again!), and how you can harness the power of your hairstyle to influence the world’s response to you.

Gianni Bach – Green Spirit Collection

Gianni Bach and his talented team are back with a beautiful showcase of images to relay a heartfelt message. The stylist in me loves...

Nazir Maherali

Versatile Collection 2016/17 Collection The versatile collection is a series of distinctive, multi-textured haircuts. Unique yet versatile, each affords a strong sense of style and...
braided hairstyle

David Joshua Ford


Braided Updo Tutorial

David Thomson

Vintage fingerwave updo